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Friday October 12, 2007


Hindle complained about Stephen Colbert’s new book, and how the Peabody and Emmy winning author is always stealing his jokes. Sure, Alan.

Blues Hammer won Shindig this week. If you’re into authentic blues, you should heck them out.

We interviewed Neil Dyck, the guy who did the last ever Only Magazine cover that never got printed. His art show is happening tonight at the Jeffrey Boone Gallery, so get on that train and ride it.

– This was our last week of CD reviews by nuptially bound Mos and Amanda. Next week we’ll get back to business with Meg and Jeph. So please, a round of applause for our departing husband and wife. Because of them, you know not to buy that new Soulja Boy.

If you videotape yourself throwing bagels at Ann Coulter, you will win $1,000. Please please PLEASE, we are dying to see this happen. Jews of the world, unite!

Amil really got to the root of the whole celebrity fragrance phenomenon. Her conclusion: “…there are actually people out there so desperate to associate with the delusions of fame that they are willing to spritz vagina scented cat piss on their bodies.”

– But really, we just did an excessive amount of VIFF coverage.