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Friday October 5, 2007


— Two new bands blasted onto Only’s radar this week. At Shindig The Petroleum By-Products won a decisive victory and may be the best new band in Vancouver. That is if it weren’t for Culte du Cargo who have only played two shows but already have an album out.

— This week’s Credit Check reported that in Peru, an “unknown” tribe of indigenous nomads was discovered deep in the jungle. This still stuns and amazes us. Just think about it. Amazing.

— Also amazing, Only’s very own Alan Hindle got his very own column. Hindle Me This will be a regular humour column from one of the city’s best and funniest writers.

— Movies keep playing at the 26th VIFF. Our daily guides have been spot on and will keep coming every morning until this damned thing is done.

— We witnessed the future a little bit with the discovery of d3o, a new, super hard jizz / light body armour that’s on the market but not quite available at Canadian Tire…yet.