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Out of the Blue [dir. Dennis Hopper]

By Cameron Reed

Sunday October 5, 2008

Woah, have you ever seen this movie? Watched it yesterday. (Poland is cold and wet right now, BTW). It was filmed in Vancouver. It was okay, but pretty inconsistent. Very much an indie film in content and style. Ebert liked it and it was well received at Cannes in ‘80. I thought it was more fun just seeing the city at that time. Highway 10 seems to play a big roll.

And don’t be fooled, it does not define an era and has almost nothing to do with punk. There are some Dishrags, Subhumans, and Teenage Head posters on the wall and a brief appearance by the Pointed Sticks, which is pretty cool but that’s about it.

Also, Neil Young’s ‘Hey, Hey, My, My’ was written for this film.