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Men of Silk and Flannel

By Alan Hindle

Thursday March 8, 2007

Under their pajamas, Marc Chavez and Shenoah Allen are completely naked. What’s more, they are oiled up and sport erotic piercings from every piercable surface. Tattoos of belly-dancing dragons writhe and wriggle at will across their taut flesh. Bulges vie with mounds of heaving, sculpted muscle. I want you all to think about that when you go to see their one-night-only performance of Stop Not Going on Monday. I want you all to think hard. Dissolve their cotton armour with your sweating eyes. Then I want you all to try laughing at their unbelievable comedy routines and improvisations. I dare you. Ha! You’ll all be too painfully embarrassed with your own bulges and leaks, and terrified your neighbour will notice your damp moanings and delicious squirmings in your seat. That’ll teach you. Frankly, there’s way too much laughing going on in this town, even if it is mostly when the Pajama Men come through. It’s unseemly. If I can in some small way stifle the laughter with smut, then by God I will. You know what happens when you laugh too much? Like the weasel says, you could die laughing. Better to have audiences merely masturbating in the theatre, then they’ll only go blind. This is for your own good, people!

Stop Not Going happens for one night only on Monday, March 12 at the Playwrights Theater Center, 1398 Cartwright St. Granville Island.