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Freak Showowow

By Adam Thomas

Friday September 14, 2007

When it come to freak shows, everyone knows the name Jim Rose. Sure Jim has a phenomenally lucrative and world famous freak show, filled with, well, freaks and such. And sure he has his own television show and has appeared on the X-Files, but did you know Canada has it’s very own traveling Freak Show? Well, it’s true. The Great Orbax Sideshow is filled with nail in the face hammering, brick on dangling hook and face in broken glass crunching craziness, and he’s here for one night only at the Cobalt. All the way from Ontario, The Great Orbax and his vaudevillian gang of freaky freaks wander the vast lands between Guelph and this precious coast of ours, revolting college audiences everywhere they go.

Having begun his freak show career in 1998 while working on his degree in physics, the indomitable Orbax was side lined in 2003 after his “set me on fire” trick went terribly wrong and he was actually set on fire and suffered terrible, terrible burns. After months of rehab and skin grafting he returned full force and has never looked back. Now he takes his freak filled Side Show from here to there, fueled by Jagermeister and an appetite for the retarded. It’s gross, messy and has a lingering odor, so its basically tailor made for Vancouver’s premier Hardcore motor lounge. And if you follow this kind of stuff, you’ll be excited to know tonight’s performance will feature the return of everyone’s favourite freak, the famous Lizardman (also seen on the X-Files ). So if you like freaks or are one, get there early ‘cause tickets are only available at the door. And remember, the show promises to be offensive, sick and twisted and all those other good things that make Freak Shows so much fun.

Tix $16 – Door 8 - Show 8:30