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Shindig Watch

Lise Monique by Ben Lai

By only

Thursday September 15, 2005

Round: One | Week: One

Competitors: The Nature Of Things, Lise Monique, Fun 100

Who Won: Fun 100

Who Should Have Won: Fun 100

Only Jokes For Beer: 1

Barry: I’m just your brain. You must ask your heart.

Mr. Pants: Back in the ol’ day, the only way to get a party going was to set a spell on a bunch of minstrels. These guys are modern minstrels minus the wizard of pop punk.

Chuck: Sometimes music makes me want to kick and punch imaginary people and get skinny dreadlocks.

The Only Shindig Watch Team is:
Chuch Ansbacher, Barry Higginson, Cameron “Mr. Pants” Reed

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