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Shindig Watch: Round One, Week Nine

By only

Wednesday November 7, 2007

Competitors: Die Cowboy Die, Greenbelt Collective, Piper Davis

Who Won: Greenbelt Collective
Who Should Have Won:

Only Jokes for Beer: One, and a steal.

Brynna: 1! 2! 3! 4!… Yawn… yeah, I’m pooped.
Annie: Uh… yeah, I don’t know if I’m really into this. It’s a little bit too R&B for me. (UPDATE: Yup, not our thing at all. We sincerely apologize.)
Chuck: Musiskatch, tim a sang ma ting da doo. Say so ma bedie. Aw wee oh oh. Say so ma beda dee doo. Aww we aww.

Next week: The SSRIs, Retrofire, Stolen Bicycles Gang

Only’s CiTR Shindig Watch team is Brynna Childs, Annie Forrest, Chuck Ansbacher. We’re at the Railway every Tuesday to overrule the verdict and out-judge the judges.

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