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Shindig Watch: Round One, Week Four

By only

Thursday October 4, 2007

Competitors: Gunshae, Petroleum By-Products, Wintermitts

Who Won: Petroleum By-Products
Who Should Have Won: Petroleum By-Products

Only Jokes for Beer: One, again. (We really need Barry here to motivate us.)

Brynna: 2005 vs. July 1984 / the future.
Gena: Three years that’s the best band.
Chuck: Oh man I think I’m in love with Rat Face. Actually, scratch that. I am in love. Marry me Rat Face!

Next week: A Relative Distance, The Skedaddlers, Treacherous Machete

Only’s CiTR Shindig Watch team is Brynna Childs, Gena Perala, Chuck Ansbacher. We’re at the Railway every Tuesday to overrule the verdict and out-judge the judges.

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