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Racially Obsessive


By alex

Thursday February 15, 2007

My favorite part is the 2Pac drawing class

Never let me slip ‘cause if I slip, then I’m slippin’. Thank you Snoop Doggy Dogg. And never let me fall on my face in a bar bathroom, ‘cause if I fall on my face in a bar bathroom, then I fall on my face in a bar bathroom. Snap. I got the power. I got the bah-bah-bah-bah-bah-eviction notice the other day too. Woo hoo. Not even my fault this time. And, let this be known–even if you have no lease and your landlord evicts you because he broke up with his girlfriend and he needs to move back into your/his house because she kicked him out of the house that they shared together–well, if that happens then you don’t have to pay your last month’s rent. Woo hoo. Call the Tenant Rights Board. They’re like the good God. (Bonus: imagine how greezy the Landlord Rights Board people are.)

Wu-Tang is my favourite group but I just realised that they’re a bunch of fucking lunatics. Seriously. From their names to their brains there’s nothing sane about them. Their main influences are the 5% Nation Of Islam, Kung-Fu flicks and the trife life. That means they believe that the white man was created by the evil scientist Dr.Yacub, drunk Asians can beat everyone up and Bolivians got the best coke. Or else it means that I’m racially obsessive. I’m a half-breed. Either way how can hip-hop be dead if Wu-Tang is forever? Someone else came up with that. I can’t feel my face.

Detroit Public TV is the shit. And I’ve never been there. But I do own a TV, even though these days, it owns me. It tells me that BET is sponsored by AIDS. Seriously, every 2nd ad is an AIDS ad. At least Bodie from The Wire is back in my life, now as the host of Rap City (BET version not Much Terrible Music version). I was so happy to see the kid again, it wasn’t right what happened to him. Peep the WIRE DVD if you want to overstand me (but McNutty gets the gas face). Ice-T’s rap school is stupid like crack. So is Ego Trip’s The White Rapper Show. Ego Trip’s got that better crack though. Pure crack in the flesh enjoyment. It’s not a show, it’s an entity. Hallelujah Holla Back. PS: Serch is a dork. If you like rap or bad white people then this show is for you. If you hate bad rap and white people then this show is created by you. Good job.

Top 5 Bad Rap Names
1. Slim Thug
2. Young Joc
3. Lloyd
4. Puff Daddy
5. Jizzal Man
6. Kobe Bryant