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The Bangmaster Speaks

Peter Blue

By only

Wednesday March 15, 2006

An interview with Peter Blue

If you don’t know, well, you might never know. Meet Peter Blue. Peter Blue is one of the more interesting things in Lamecouver. Peter Blue is interested in continuing to disturb people’s mundane realities. Peter Blue’s like God, but he spells his name with more letters.

Only: Yo, why does your phone not work?
Peter Blue: I owe Rogers $160. My Fido works but it’s tapped so I am with Telus again.
Only: I’ve noticed that you’re now called the Bangmaster General of the TAC (Tits&Cunt) repping Newton/Surrey – what’s up with that?
PB: TAC is the true voice of Mercury, incorporating the cross, the full moon, and the crescent moon. TAC is working to rid the world of global oppression through the MACvSOG paradigm. I have achieved the ranking of Bangmaster General in relation to exploits revealing the ‘invisible truth’ which is known to exist but so difficult to eloquate. As a writer I have taken the letters off the trains and put them back on the page for all to revel in. The Black Elvis is a symbol of the changing face of power in the world. I will say it is an honour to be Canada’s youngest General. Bangmaster gives a voice to all those who have family members KIA. Bangmaster is the embodiment of unexpressed rage that flows quietly beneath the culture.
Only: What sort of things are you trying to do with film?
PB: [My movie] Canadian Graffiti is going to illustrate parallels in custom culture. It will expose the hands of doom that are behind all the illegal activities in our community and why we love them. One mural can destroy the world’s perception of itself. I will be unearthing the REVS’ ‘Freedom Wall’ out in Hackensack, NJ. It is a wrecking ball against your freedoms. Mainly, the movie is an outlet for the insanity of NHRA Racing. I started the Graffiti War on my radio show ‘State of the Art’ in 2002 because I thought writers would need to defend themselves against the destruction of our culture. There have been casualties and that is troublesome. RIP AVERS. The hardcore of the elite artists are armoring their letters to combat continued hostility. The arrow is a deadly weapon and it has been put to good use over the years to obliterate softer forms of expression. That is the Hard Reality. Get out there, make a mess, and reclaim your identity. That is the mission, that is what Bangmaster promotes. It is about the action, man! Usually I contract to the pros to get my work done. ACROW, SNSR, MERC – these are the people who have helped me execute my goals and free my expression. I just hit a large cargo container I felt had an unsavory sentiment on it. It feels good to work with a team and take control of your reality. Not in my backyard.
Only: When is your porn career going to jump-off?
PB: A lot of my relatives have had success in the industry and my family has always encouraged me to drop it on them. Of course one’s first impulse is to get in front of the camera. I am looking to revitalize the system with a new perspective as a producer. I have a desire to go back to the female lead as the focus. In my offerings the ladies will run the show and it will be a dynamic female duo taking advantage of the useful but second-rate man, who is only present to be de-humanized thus retaining the women’s dignity and rightful place in the world. I guess you could call it an art film and this is my artist’s statement. I have three scripts written and am waiting for the dot.XXX boom that is on the horizon. It is now a matter of finding the right talent and then I will take it over the top. For the record I would just like to say I did fuck Roller-girl.


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