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Who Stole The Soul?


By only

Friday October 22, 2004

Birdapres ain’t half-steppin’

LOOK up veteran in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of a military corpse with heroin stuffed in its guts and a half eaten cheeseburger in the pocket. The second definition will be Birdapres. He’s been making music in Van since crack heads were first experimenting with weed. And really, he’s one of the nicest on the mic here. Maybe he’s not the styliest, flippity-flippity-flippity fast talk emcee–but he’s got rhymes, punch lines and a proper rap flow. He won’t admit to nothing but he’s a throwback to the basics of rap, a rock solid rapper who’ll kill it over a break. He was down with rap before 2Pac got deaded and then released 6 albums, before Nelly rocked a Band-Aid on his cheek, before L’il Jon said “Yeah”, and before Eminem was white. Of course, none of that means anything at all, but Bird’s still going for his and he doesn’t care what anyone thinks. Plus, like any good rapper, he got new CD’s for sale, cause he still got a love for making this rap music.

Only: What’s up with you? You got some new products dropping right?

Bird: I got The Grind Vol. 1 – Permanent Full Time, that’s the mix tape. Buy it. It’s a bunch of old style beats and some ignorant hardcore rhymes on it. I did it with Moves. It’s something for the kids. I also got a CD with mcenroe, Nothing Is Cool. Buy that too. It’s not like you can’t afford it. I’m a busy man. You’re gonna get your fill of Bird in 2004.

Only: What are the most important rap records to you?

Bird: Public Enemy–It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, Schooly D–Saturday Night The Album ‘, N.W.A.–Straight Outta Compton, Ultramagnetic MC’s–Critical Beatdown, Boogie Down Productions–Criminal Minded, De La Soul–Three Feet High And Rising, Eric B and Rakim–Paid In Full. I’m stuck on that shit. It’s the actual blueprint. Run DMC too. And the D.O.C. Every record after those is biting.

Only: Those records are all like 300 years old–what about any new shit? They still make new raps you know?

Bird: No they don’t.

Only: Maybe you just wish you were a Big Timer like Baby and Mannie Fresh? I figure all they do is get up every morning at noon, put on a sweat suit, pop E, drink champagne, eat pork ribs, count money on a yacht and then laugh till they pass out.

Bird: Sure man. I’d love to be that guy. Without the Amex bill, or the heroin habit. I ate pork ribs for lunch. Word to Malcolm.

Only: What’s it like to have grown up in dirty East Van?

Bird: What’s it like growing up in Nova Scotia? What kind of question is that? It’s the best place on earth. I was a nerd in high school. I just hung out with bad dudes. East Vancouver is really about the future.

Only: You sorta look like K-OS? Are you a conscious rapper?

Bird: What am I supposed to say to that!! You look like the guy from MRF [Movement Rap Francaphone — old skool Canadian rap shit]. Mouvez, Dancez Motherfucker! I passed out an hour ago, does that mean I’m not conscious?

Only: You wanna diss anyone?

Bird: Basically, I’m gonna put this out there once. Anybody can get it, my boys know. I have no fuckin’ loyalty to any rapper. Keep it respectful with me and it’s love back. Come at me on some ego shit, and it’s fuck you. Word.

Only: You grew up in a time when hot pink hadn’t been invented and woman weren’t even allowed to vote, so why do you still make music?

Bird: Cause nobody can really fuck with what I do. That’s why.

Only: Anything to add?

Bird: Stay in school. And stay off the mic.

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