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Lucy, 20. She's lost.

By Chuck Ansbacher

Thursday February 15, 2007

Lucy was lost in Vancouver on a Saturday. She is 20.

ONLY: Where are you trying to go?

Lucy: I’m trying to find the T&T grocery store. Is it supposed to be here?

ONLY: Oh you’re really close, don’t worry.

L: On the map it looks to be right here.

ONLY: Here, we’ll walk and talk. Are you a student?
L: Yes.

ONLY: How long have you lived here for?

L: I moved here only in September.

ONLY: What do you think of Vancouver so far?

L: Oh I like it very much.

ONLY: What would you say are Vancouver’s biggest problems right now?

L: Um… I don’t think it has any problems.

ONLY: Really?

L: I’m very happy here.

ONLY: Yeah yeah, me too. But still. Not one problem?

L: I was just lost, but I’m fine now.

ONLY: Ok. Um, what are you shopping for today?

L: I am… Ha. I don’t know how to say in English I don’t think.

ONLY: You’re doing really well though.

L: Oh. Thank you so much.

ONLY: You’re welcome. What is your favorite thing to do here?

L: I am studying always. But I like going to eat. Singing.

ONLY: Well, here we are. This place has lots of crazy fish.

L: Yes I think so. Okay! Thank you!