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Paul, Victory Square Attendant, 53

Victory Square toilet by Chuck Ansbacher

By Chuck Ansbacher

Friday September 15, 2006

Paul wasn’t into having his photo taken, so this is a picture of the booth he hangs out in day to day.

ONLY: How long have you been doing this job for?
PAUL: Four years.
O: Are you the first person to do this job?
P: No.
O: How did you get the job?
P: I took a course.
O: What sort of stuff do you deal with here day to day?
P: Oh basically it’s just clean up – make sure the place is safe and secure for everyone to use.
O: Is there anything that you dislike about this job?
P: Sometimes you get into verbal arguments.
O: Where do you live?
P: A couple blocks away.
O: What did you do before this job?
P: When I first graduated from college I worked at the Unitarian Church of Vancouver. I was a janitor there. I did that for a year and came here.
O: And what did you do before that?
P: I was on welfare.
O: What do you do when you aren’t here? What are your hobbies?
P: Oh I’m into computers, martial arts, camping…
O: What kind of martial arts?
P: Internal arts.
O: Like what?
P: Like Qigong.
O: What is that?
P: It’s strengthening exercises for your mind, body and spirit.
O: What would you like to see done for the city of Vancouver?
P: More of these.
O: Bore bathrooms?
P: Yeah.