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Linda, Male make-up artist, ‘more than 40’

Sarah Cordingley photo

By Chuck Ansbacher

Wednesday February 15, 2006

Linda works at the Jean-Paul Gaultier counter at Sears.

Only: How long have they been making makeup for men?

Linda: Oh for at least a few years now.

O: And do many people buy it?

L: Oh yes. It’s very popular.

O: Which makeup would you say sells the most?

L: The powdered bronzer is probably what people are buying most. Even women have bought it. I think it’s popular because men are very in to looking tan these days, and this bronzer gives a very natural looking colour for them. Also, we have the sneaky kiss lip-balm that men seem to enjoy. It comes in two different, very basic shades to add a bit of colour, or just clear for some shine and nice lips.

O: Is there much of a difference between this and the regular makeup for women? Or is it basically the same but just being marketed differently?

L: Well it is all very similar, but these are all very masculine, very basic tones that men can use, and feel very comfortable with putting on. I think that for most men, putting on makeup is something they haven’t done very much before. Often when I am working with a new customer, they may not know how to apply correctly, and feel a bit unsure about it maybe? But usually they will come back a second time and make a purchase. I think they are happy with the option to control their appearance slightly.

O: Do you carry any other brands of makeup for men?

L: No, Jean Paul Gaultier is the only company that makes this right now. This brand is also our largest selling cologne here, so I think that men are very familiar with Jean Paul Gautier, and that they are interested to try his makeup.

O: Why should men wear makeup?

L: Jean Paul Gaultier believes that everybody, including men, has a right to feel beautiful.

If you’ve ever got some time to kill, Linda’s got this great DVD of male models putting on mascara and lipstick and shit like that. It’s totally worth checking out.