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Poster Guy

Chuck Ansbacher photo

By Chuck Ansbacher

Saturday October 1, 2005

This guy was taking down posters on Granville St. I bet he’s about 50.

Only: Do you work for the city?
Guy: No, no I don’t have to.
O: Why not? Why are you taking these posters down?
G: I volunteer for the city.
O: You volunteer for the city?
G: They’re on the wrong post.
O: They’re on the wrong post?
G: Yup. You’re putting ‘em on the wrong post. Put ‘em on the right post. That over there’s legal.
O: Do you hate the posters?
G: What?
O: Why do you take them down?
G: I’ve got nothing wrong with the posters. They’re just on the wrong post.
O: Why have you taken it upon yourself to take them down?
G: Don’t want a dirty city, eh?
O: Do you think there might be better ways for you to —
G: It’s litter. Actually it’s littering, eh?
O: It’s not on the ground.
G: It’s litter… I don’t have time for this.
O: Lot’s of posters to take down?
G: If you got a complaint then phone the city about it.
O: I’m not complaining, I’m just —
G: Or phone the police if you want. I’ll call ‘em for you.
O: Um…
G: I’m pretty sure they’d be on my side.