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Our Pick For '08: Ron Paul

By Chuck Ansbacher

Thursday May 17, 2007

Yeah, yeah, this is a Canadian publication. But like all good Canadians, we care more about American politics than most Americans do. In the wake of the latest Republican Presidential Debate–held Tuesday night on shitty Fox News –we’ve had a chance to surf the net a bit, and have come across the above clip. It seems to be getting the most attention of anything that happened at the otherwise redundant and panderific battle of sluts.

Aside from this video, we don’t really have a clue what Ron Paul is about (there’s a complicated looking website, a really cute MySpace and a Facebook if you’re interested). For all we know he’s a gay-beating, abortion doctor-killing, NRA-sucking Evangelical base head. But who gives a fuck? What he did on stage was incredible. It is the first time we have ever seen a public figure actually get at the heart of what caused 9/11, and it brilliantly illustrated how Giuliani, McCain, and even most of the Democratic candidates are in an inexplicably sorry state of denial. And Giuliani in this clip is hilarious! He’s the worst actor of all time! Because really, what does he think caused the attacks? Nobody seriously believes in that “hating on our freedoms” crap anymore, do they? (apparently some do).

Even funnier, and almost more rewarding, is this follow up clip of Mr. Paul (quick side note: President Paul might be the most hip-hop sounding President name ever) thugging it out on Hannity and Colmes later Tuesday night. None of that played out, conservative patriotic bullshit holds up anymore! It’s awesome!

All and all, it’s very impressive to see a politician speaking honest truth, and not regurgitating what his high paid handlers have told him has polled well. He may be a Republican (from Texas?!), but so be it. Paul for Prez in ’08!

UPDATE: Check out this video of Ron Paul on CNN defending and expanding upon his brilliant statements, and this ridiculous video of the sluts on Fox News trying to spin Paul into 9/11 conspiracy theory nut like Rosy O’Donnell. One thing they didn’t mention? Their own viewers voted him the winner of Tuesday’s debate. Snap!