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Friday April 6, 2007

- 5 It’s a bad time to be from PoCo. Not only is your premier a drunk driver, your mayor’s a creep. Apparently Marion Barry’s running for chief of police.

-15 Liberals deny widespread abuse at the former Woodlands School. Being the former Institute for the Insane means never having to say you’re sorry.

-5 A wet dream for the VPD. Surveillance cameras that shout orders to you come to Britain. Also, the FBI goes into the matrix.

+10 Better than zombies, better than pillowfights, slightly worse than drunk Santas is a flash mob told to strip a Tacoma house. Turns out it was a hoax on Craigslist.

- 5 Exxon Mobil volunteers to change public opinion about drilling off the BC coast. Those seals and birds have had it too easy for too long.

+15 Bizarro World Vancouver City Council met last night and refused to reduce bar hours. Then they requested better late night transit. Then they all walked out backwards through the front door and said “hello.”

Today -5 This Year +23