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DVBIA: Protest the Protesters

By Chuck Ansbacher

Wednesday March 14, 2007

The Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement Association (DVBIA) issued a press release today entitled “DVBIA Calls for Civil Protests,” in which they plead with the population of Vancouver who favour the Olympic Games to show their support, and for those who oppose the games to tone down the dissent.

Under the guise of “tolerance and acceptance of all ideas and people,” the DVBIA goes on to complain that Vancouverites are letting “the criminal behaviour of a few” get in the way of “their enthusiasm to celebrate in public.”

It’s easy to understand why the DVBIA—representing those who have the most to gain from the 2010 Olympics—is getting a little pissed. Every time there is an Olympic-related event, protesters show up and scare the revelers away. But honestly, what do they expect? Sure, people are excited for the Olympics, but how often do you expect them to exhibit this fact in public? Mascot and clock unveiling ceremonies sound like fun (we can’t imagine why), but flag illumination ceremonies? Worthless events like that serve as nothing more than protest baiting.

The DVBIA would love to fight fire with fire, and have hundreds of nutty Olympic heads wearing foam Ilanaaq hats showing up to each event screaming “Games! Games!” in the face of every protester, but opposition is like crack to a protester. They thrive on it.

The protesters are yelling because no one pays attention when they’re civil. If you want them to shut up, start listening to what they’re saying.