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This hour has 22 minutes: Fox news style

By Chuck Ansbacher

Thursday February 15, 2007

For years now the right has been sitting humourlessly in their suburban homes, fuming about the fact that liberals get to make fun of them all the time. Most recently Colbert and Stewart have been carrying the torch, but truly it’s an age old problem. Because really, name one funny conservative (funny on purpose) ever. Sure there’s Dennis Miller, but his humour is seriously questionable these days, and when he is funny it’s far too obscure for any of Fox News’ viewers to untangle. Well, Joel Surnow, the comedic genius who brings you television’s 24 , is a conservative (surprise), a personal friend of Rush Limbaugh’s (double surprise), and a true visionary. He thinks there are certain targets, like the gays and the ACLU, that don’t get enough lambasting in the existing comedic forums. While that’s probably because they’re busy being lambasted by Fox News, he’s definitely got a point. Guys like Barack Obama are ripe for comedic lynching, and need to be picked on too. In the clip above, from Surnow’s very familiarly titled The 1/2 Hour News Hour , we get a scrumptious taste of this conservative comedy, truly proving that we’ve been deprived of it for far too long. Like, did you realize that Barack Obama’s initials are B.O.? As in he smells like urine and feces because he’s from fucking Africa?! Hah! No wonder all the liberals love him. Because they’re all gay women, and only wimpy do-gooders would ever vote for someone who didn’t blink and stutter like a coked up ferret every time he tried to form a complete fucking sentence! Zing! Wow, this stuff totally writes itself! Hey, let’s make fun of the wetbacks next. They’ve been on easy street for waaaay too long.