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Only Three Years Until The Olympics!

By Chuck Ansbacher

Monday February 12, 2007

Today, amidst persistent complaints that they are passing the buck when it comes to homelessness , the Vancouver Organizing Committee for the 2010 Olympic Winter Games (VANOC) unveiled a new digital clock at the Vancouver Art Gallery to count down every second until we all can’t afford to live here anymore. We assume that every city on the cusp of hosting the Olympics celebrates the three year mark, because if not, this is a pretty weird and arbitrary gesture. Not to mention that they actually have a bunch of events planned to mark this occasion. But we don’t want to get too cynical about this. It’s easy to be negative on the Olympics, and it’s also pointless, because no matter what we do, they’re happening regardless. And hey, this is a really sweet clock. It’s digital!

Check out more photos of the Olympic Clock on Only’s Filckr page .

UPDATE: Check out this really disgusting video VANOC has put together to get everyone hyped to come do yoga on the sunny shores of Vancouver… during the Winter Olympics.