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Credit Check: Clear and prescient danger

By only

Tuesday October 7, 2008

+5 It is probably time to leave your shithole small town when it wants to import Vancouver’s garbage.

-5 Of course the Olympic village developers don’t need a bailout. They are merely discussing access to cash with the three levels of government.

-5 Oh, and a economic downturn may hurt the Olympic dividend. Thank goodness it was all planned in secret so the public wouldn’t find out until it was too late.

+10 North Vancouver council has approved a giant wind turbine on top of Grouse Mountain to be our ‘Hollywood’ sign or giant Brazilian Jesus. And the debate was fascinating: ‘It’s a clear and present danger to bats,” said [Councillor] Harris, who criticized the turbine as “another tourist attraction” for Grouse Mountain Resorts.’

+5 After years of ah shucking, we’re a small town, keep your big city busses and municipal sewer lines away from us crying, Abbottsford wants in the Metro Vancouver club.

Today: +10 This Year: - 158