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Credit Check: Burning Bridges

By only

Tuesday September 16, 2008

-5 The Vancouver Board of Trade, having to choose between two masters, picks the Federal Tories over the provincial Liberals and says carbon taxes are bad. And global warming is a lie. Are you listening, sheeple? We’re the Board of Trade, not some goddamn Chamber of Commerce.

+ 20 Gordon Price on the suggestion that we need more bridges: ‘Once again, the astroturfers from the Valley predict doom, and call for billions to be spent on a way of life that assumes cheap fossil fuels and takes no account of climate change. But here’s the bizarre part: they believe the Vancouver region should be more like Calgary! That’s their vision: a sprawling prairie city from here to Hope.’

- 5 Oh god, this sounds painful. Vanoc is asking for punters to buy tickets for so-called victory parties at BC Place before they know for sure if their favourite artists will be performing. They threaten to book the likes of ‘Bryan Adams, Michael Buble and Sarah McLachlan’ but only if you buy tickets. Your decision is clear.

+/- Only’s Civic Election Coverage has been added to Voter Funded Media’s Vancouver Election Experiment. This is part of a larger project in which the hosts propose that society funds the media that people vote for. In this case, last week Sean Orr won $150 for bedbug powder, so they do put their money where their mouth is.

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