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Credit Check: Any Colour as long as it is White

By only

Monday September 8, 2008

-10 Adbusters, is accused of having design juries consisting only of white guys. At least they are not hipsters.

+20 Asper family, controllers of CanWest Global, donates $7.5 million to fund new constitutional challenges. We would suggest the first one should be one to ensure freedom of the press and the right of parody to stop companies, say CanWest Global, from suing parodists.

+5 Funny graduate student handbooks have been unbanned. This will make a good thesis for someone.

+10 Several creepy proposed laws die on the order paper now that a Federal election has been called, including the Orwellian Canadian Digital Rights Management bill.

-25 Vancouver is finally world-class in something: Human Trafficking for Sexual Exploitation.

Today: + 5 This Year: - 171