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Credit Check: Wake me up in Prince Rupert

By only

Thursday September 4, 2008

-1 CBC accused of losing emails from upset listeners of Radio 2. Apparently Radio 2 listeners are too cheap to get a CD player.

-5 Nobody tells Emerson what to do, no matter how much humiliation it will cause him. Which is why he may still run for the Tories.

+10 Former Chief Mountie says RCMP should ban use of tasers. Which would have been a lot more useful when he still had the job and could have actually done it.

+10 Thank goodness the police still have access to tasers while the scourge of bus-queue jumping exists.

+10 Some City official in Prince Rupert’s wife got $100,000 in City contracts. Which we don’t really care about but did you know that Prince Rupert is the only city in BC without Telus? The City owns the telephone company and you can get free wake up calls just by dialing your phone. Who knew?

Today: + 24 This Year: - 166