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Credit Check: Old Lady Love Time

By only

Thursday May 22, 2008

- 2 Dude is down one digital camera and some of his blood and then lady got into some fisticuffs and these sad stories are pretty unrelated, but at this point they’re batching these stories to save space. Just slap that shit on the end there. Yeah, just right there at the bottom. It’s all the same shit.

- 2 BRIDE OF PICKTON?! Gad zooks.

+1 Oh. CBC went and fucked it up for the casinos and everyone, now where are you supposed to take all your drug money? Pain in the ass.

- 1 The mayor of Port Coquitlam plead guilty to beating up his ex-old lady a bunch, she was a fitness instructor and she got a pile of contracts through the city and then he came over and her new bf was there and then they were screaming and punching and she was all on the phone with the restraining order and then blah blah, no mention of Ikea.

Today: - 4 This Year: - 205