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Credit Check: Hot Spots

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Friday May 16, 2008

±0 That Woodwards development almost fell to shit, and SFU had to ask themselves if you really can make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. Probably not. Enroll now!

±0 Ooh, big announcement today about BC Place’s roof being replaced after the shitty Olympics and also whether or not the building has any actual use. Spoiler: Doesn’t.

±0 That Victoria teenager that the cops tied up and did God knows what with won a $60,000 civil suit against the police department, and man oh man is she going to fucking party. Plus, if she gets really drunk and arrested and tied up again tonight, she could make a little career out of this.

±0 Everyone keep away from the beaches this long weekend, there’s been reports of police all up and down them. Stay in your homes, you know what could happen.

Today: ±0 This Year: - 193