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Credit Check: Drip Dry

By only

Thursday May 15, 2008

+1 The federal government is giving Vancouver a bunch of cash to fix up some junkies, but not actually fix up fix up, and definitely not down at the safe injection site. Fuck no, they hate that thing. Drugs are bad.

±0 Now it’s an iPod, not a flaming helicopter that’s to blame for killing that pedestrian that got hit by a flaming helicopter in Cranbrook. Throw yours away now, or you could be next.

+1 And why isn’t Translink at that little taser thing about pamphlets, anyway? Go, run to the alter at the Southern tip of the Forbidden Peninsula (atop Cancer Mountain) and shake the eye from the dove’s corpse, they will come. They will open the portal.

+1 The Arbutus Club wanted to make more parking lot, and the local joggers were up in arms because of all the missed jogging opportunities, and now some folks don’t even feel like playing squash at all. It’s a tragedy.

±0 Some teenager is running for Surrey City Council, the poor little guy.

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