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Credit Check:Candles in the wind

By only

Tuesday May 13, 2008

- 1 With all this talk and bullshit about being green, it’s appropriate and timely for the BC Government to use more wood to make slightly taller condos. They’ve just brought so much to our communities, condos. We owe it to them.

±0 VANOC is really nervous about when the mongoloid carries the flaming stick. Please don’t kill the flaming stick. Please BYOB.

+1 A not-for-profit pharmacy will be opening in the DTES later this month, the first of it’s kind in Canada, that will specifically focus on women’s pharmaceutical needs. That’s right, ladies–Methadone!

±0 It’s a pretty slow news day, so come on down to Robson and Burrard and watch the yuppies in their brand new underwear flip out about cancer?

Today: ±0 This Year: - 189