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Credit Check: Ho Ho Bang Bang!

By only

Thursday May 8, 2008

- 1 One guy got shot in the head, another guy in the leg, and the shooter is missing after a very exciting strip club shootout that was probably in vain and over a vagina that was attached to a lady who thought that they were all really greasy. No mention of GTA4 until now.

- 1 Then the very same guy, let’s call him Nico, well he was so pumped up and horny that he had to do something! So he stole a cab, drove all the way out to the Greater Vancouver Zoo, broke into the spider monkey’s cage, killed the male (RIP Jocko), and then dashed away with the female in his arms. All the while thinking about how much better that went than at the Cecil. Nico and that monkey are probably still making love right now! And so they should be.

+1 But fuck all that shit, Madonkey’s coming to town!

- 1 Out there in wherever the fuck Ontario, some Tim Horton’s employee got fired for giving a baby a free Timbit, and while this might have nothing to do with Vancouver directly, if Timmy Ho-Ho’s is tripping over 16 cents then we are probably definitely in a recession. Seriously, go out and buy something quick; Ladies shoes, that Mickey Rooney DVD box set you’ve been putting off, a Teen Burger, anything.

Today: - 2 This Year: - 184