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Credit Check: The Begging

By only

Wednesday May 7, 2008

+1 Because that man mysteriously died after the Vancouver police left him passed out drunk in an alley in the dead of night and in the middle of winter, they’ve decided that it just ain’t hip to take drunks to jail no more. They’ve decided they want a new jail that theyre not calling a jail, they’re calling it a sobering centre now. All this buffoonery sounds fairly humane and all, but how much less would it cost to drop each one off a pho restaurant with a $10 bill? Problem solved.

- 1 Woah woah woah… First they lose the sex tape, and now it turns out that the girl got beat up by wee children? For fuck… What is this, the last half of Beyond Thunderdome? Lord Of The Flies? Are you a haemophiliac? Scold them next time.

+1 Despite dwindling home construction, the renovation industry is booming in the Lower Mainland, because thankfully, whoever built all those shitty condos must’ve been fucking junkies and… Err… Well, that’s a little awkward. Sorry about that, construction junkies. Go and take a five minute break in your truck or something, sorry.

- 1 Here’s why: You can’t just be bipolar in your own home in Kitsilano. You just can’t, it brings down the property value; it’s gross. Not unless it sparked a manic cleaning spree, which in this case it didn’t. So yes, he had to be tased. Yes he did. Ma’am, your son was acting bipolar in the greatest neighborhood in the greatest place on Earth, and that just won’t fly. People are trying to make coffee.

- 1 Two girls that fell and got scratchies at that epic Abbotsford Christian rock show floor collapse are now going to sue the living shit out of that church. But why God, why?

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