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Credit Check: Caring For Everyone

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Tuesday May 6, 2008

- 1 Summer’s totally coming, and do you know how you can tell? Because a kid got attacked by a pitbull in Surrey. According to the almanac, if the kid lives in Whalley it’s going to be a wet June.

+1 The BC Government is getting serious about the silky smoothness of tomorrow’s snatches and jumping on the free HPV vaccination train for girls 6-9. Yes sweetheart, it’s so that your front bum doesn’t turn into a witch’s nose and then turn black and fall off, more on why later.

±0 Just look at this man’s little face. Precious.

±0 The Province is pretty stoked about how The Bay is offering counselling to women trying to get the most out of their camel toe. Free tip: You should be holding your breath when you’re pulling the swimsuit on, and slowly letting the breath out after you’ve got it all tucked up in the flaps.

Today: ±0 This Year: - 181