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Credit Check:Tasing Anal

By only

Monday May 5, 2008

- 1 In what’s sort of an outsidesy and less drawn-out version of that now-old video of the girl getting beaten up by a bunch of chicks in that house in the US somewhere, a girl got beaten up by a bunch of chicks at the Nanaimo Skytrain station and it all got caught on video, and all she got was this stupid whistle. Always with the whistle.

±0 Starting May 16, the cops are closing off Granville St. to traffic on weekends and erecting a giant caged octagon. So if you’ve got a problem with the guy who’s got a problem with your puka shell necklace, you know where to take it.

- 1 A young pregnant nerd couple in Coquitlam are learning how they, too, are now living in a drunken fascist police state. But… At least no one tased the unborn baby.

±0 And why didn’t they tase the unborn baby anyway? Explain.

+1 Much to the frustration of the countless suburban drug dealers with child spouses, the age of consent rises from 14 to 16. Fortunately anal is still 18 though, need that young anal. Need it. Gotta have it.

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