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Credit Check: Aaayadada, ladada, laddydaddyda...

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Friday May 2, 2008

- 1 Scientists are pissed at how well their massive brains could formulate that the government executed a policy horror story in the case of Vancouver’s little safe injection site. Fortunately it’s really helped keep the site alive, unfortunately that formula can be applied to all other government dealings, kind of like the pythagorean theorum. With all the science fiction that these nerds read, you’d think they’d be able to get their fragile and bulbous heads around something straight forward like the infancy stages of a dystopian nightmare.

- 1 A very smug looking Chad Kroeger got the gayest little sentence (take the limo for one year and a $600 fine) and then blubbered Everyone makes mistakes in that voice he makes, possibly referring to the sentence, or even his career and/or hair. Then they all went to the Roxy.

- 1 That big gross dollar store on Knight and Kingsway caught on fire again. Luckily the firemen could see that blinding fucking thing from about a mile away, so it’s still really big and gross and a great deal.

±0 A mysterious powder was found on a Vancouver bus, and it wasn’t anthrax. Maybe somebody spilled their ramen packet or pixie stick. False alarm.

±0 If you are even slightly prone to going on a murderous rampage, you probably don’t want to read this Province article about the new and fantastically ugly Olympics outfit garb. Not to say the ugliness itself will spark an unending vengeful rage, it’s actually kind of comforting to think about jocks and other clowns walking around like that so everyone knows that they’re simps, but it’s the article itself that might actually push you right over the edge for good. It might.

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