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Thursday May 1, 2008

- 1 Another old-ass inmate escaped from another… Well at this point you can’t really call it a prison, can you? Maybe another old-ass inmate escaped from an Agassiz bath house? Nope… Used that one last week. Err, from the SPCA! Yes, another old-ass inmate escaped from the Agassiz SPCA; his name is Ralphie, he loves to snuggle and needs to follow a strict diet. Help!

+1 Vancouver City Council is expected to vote on a new initiative to protect renters of shit holes with regular inspections and permits and other bullshit, and probably only for $99 a month or something affordable like that.

- 1 And now doctors are saying that they’ll even go right into these shit holes, they’ll just stroll right in, to treat junkie’s various sports injuries to try to empty up some beds for rich people. This doesn’t sound like it’ll last for too long at all. Will it be ‘doctor stabbed with a needle’ or ‘pile of avoidable deaths’? Five bucks on the pile. Ten bucks even.

- 1 If you’ve played any GTA4, then you should know that just because a fella killed a bunch of people in his home country, it doesn’t mean that he’s bad or mean. Just give him some taxi missions and send him on a lot of dates! Problem solved. Compassion, people…

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