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Credit Check: Low Balling

By only

Wednesday April 30, 2008

- 1 Fucking hell. Kids, moms, dads, lonely virgins, ugly people, skanks, gays, everybody; if you’re going to meet up with random online assholes for… non-sex is it? Yeah. Wear a fucking helmet OK? Just c’mon. So dumb.

- 1 A pair of Burnaby parents are offering $50,000 to get their winner back (by May 31). Cha-ching!

- 2 Little housing vigils are popping up all over BC to signify the beginning of the great Canadian shanty town era. Free tip: All you need is a bucket, a hose, some rope, some plastic, some rain, and a clothespin, and you can totally make a shower. Fun, huh? Check back tomorrow to learn about how to make a spiral staircase out of two burnt out K-cars and your tears.

±0 Meanwhile, BC Place might get a retractible roof! Great!

Today: - 4 This Year: - 175