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Credit Check: More Important Than Usual

By only

Tuesday April 29, 2008

- 1 It looks like greed and pride are to blame for that Christian rock show floor collapse? FOR SHAME.

±0 Rogers Communications Inc. plans to offer the iPhone before the end of the year, which will directly correspond with the release of the new iPhone Pro that will boast a 1TB hard drive and will run on an entirely separate network thousands of times faster and better than the existing one, which will not be available in Canada until 2023.

±0 The Vancouver Police got their grandkids to set them up a Facebook page to help recruit new girlfriends or something, but still can’t figure out how to change their status to “The Vancouver Police is truly this desperate”. Good luck getting laid with them on your little friends list.

±0 Crime, not crack, nor stench, nor gouging keeps Vancouver in tenth spot for Canada’s fanciest shitters, according to a pretty lame sounding magazine that’s probably from Toronto.

±0 The Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design is going to be granted university status. Is pompouser a word?

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