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Thursday April 24, 2008

- 1 This is your no shit for the day. No fucking shit.

- 1 A new health records sharing bill might find pesky details about your genital warts on the Internet or worse; the Internet. So it’s best if you just take care of those kinds of things yourself from now on. Where’s your toenail clippers?

- 2 Uh-oh, most of BC’s “dangerous offenders” are being held at the shittiest minimum security prison in Mission, and that’s how that weird old rapist got away. He was like, “Dad, (they call the warden ‘dad’ out there) can I take the car tonight?” and Dad was all, “Mehhhaalllright.”

+ 1 That’s almost one gram of cocaine for every car salesman in town! Coincidence?

- 1 No more free sandwiches for the homeless because some church can’t think of anything to put in there besides shady meat? Here’s a tip, Christians; PB&J, heard of it? And since when does the health authority care what the homeless are eating? Sure, they can eat that one strand of Mr. Noodle of the inside of a Safeway bag full of diapers, but no shady meats, noooo. This whole thing is gay balls.

Today: - 4 This Year: - 165