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Credit Check: Great White Smear

By only

Wednesday April 23, 2008

- 1 Finally Port Coquitlam is installing iron bars around public spaces to ensure that pesky and gross homeless folks don’t rub their filthy fists and penises all over the playgrounds, despite the fact that the cost of installing the bars would actually pay for a shelter. Brilliant!

- 1 Hey uhh, hi there. You know that land… That’s yours?.. We uhh, need it back. IT’S OURS AGAIN NOW, NEED CONDO, LONELY.

- 1 Hey uhh, hi there. You know playgrounds? Those things that the homeless rub their fists and penises on? We’re just gonna install them in the private schools OK? RICH WHITE KIDS ONLY, GO SELL DRUGS. GO HAVE A BABY.

±0 Hippies are in shit for defragging the little hard drive in your melon with 1000 trips to Hell. The only thing truly scary is the cost, otherwise it sounds great! More trips to Hell, please.

+1 Hippies are stopping their parents from eating tortured ducks in Kitsilano, local patrons are baffled that ducks were once alive, and believe that if they truly had once lived they would obviously have owned property and don’t, so weren’t, and therefore are dinner regardless. That’s how it over there.

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