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Credit Check: Throbbing

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Monday April 21, 2008

- 1 An extremely old rapist/murderer that’s been incarcerated since 1969 escaped from a Fraser Valley prison, so if you see an old guy throwing spears at the Skytrain, arguing with a pop machine, or trying to ride someone’s laptop, there’s a small chance that it might be him; tell an adult you trust!

- 1 If you had a crappy car and a crappy suit in the 90s, you might have wanted to get a job as a manager with ICBC. Perks they called them.

+1 The Dark Lord has foretold the location of the next great summoning. Now, Translink, drive the fang into the heart of the red-eyed baby, and read the fabled inscription aloud by the moonlight…

±0 They caught a kid who was keying a car! You can stop sleeping in your cars now.

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