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Credit Check: Good Gracious

By only

Friday April 18, 2008

- 2 Absolutely. Absolutely. Yup. Translinkitarianism will Taser you on the Skytrain. Stay in your homes, seriously. Scared. Not even funny anymore.

+1 Really sad news, everyone, that Merritt cock is super sick and in the hospital. But if he dies, who will look after the… Oh jeez… Oh no.

- 1 Fools at City Council voted to make the Downtown Ambassadors (the Christians in the red vests that had a hard time making friends growing up who spend their time harassing the homeless and looking like complete fucking shit eaters) 24/7. Shh, listen–You can almost almost hear their screams.

- 2 Vancouver is now the bank robbery capital of North America! As well as the break-in capital, and the heroin capital! That’s why the rent is so high.

- 1 The uhh, Richmond Olympic oval has some crap on it, need more money please, nothing major, only $2 million, thanks.

±0 C’MON–A KID, WRITING POEMS, TO RAISE MONEY FOR KITSILANOHOUSELESSNESS”??????? Fuck this shit. People are trying to eat, you know. People are trying not to commit suicide.

Today: - 5 This Year: - 158