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Thursday April 17, 2008

+1 An old-timer and his dog caught that Merritt cock. He was on the cell horn to the RCMP and he was like, “I found him”, and they were like, “who?”, and he was like, “The Merritt cock”, and they were like, “Naw, couldn’t be.”, and he was like, “Sure is”, and they were like, “Is he handsome?”, and he was like, “Yessir”, and they were like, “Naw, couldn’t be”.

±0 The BC Government is pushing to regulate tall foreign women with big thighs that own pets? Yes, they’ve always been kind of distracting.

- 1 H-yayyy, BC Ferries board of directors 60% pay increase! It’s the best fucking place on Earth! for them.

±0 That’s funny, just yesterday you were thinking about how much of a toilet Vancouver is, and now – 17 more toilets...

±0 Who the fuck is Boomchang? WHAT THE HELL IS A SANDCASTLE THEORY? RUN! Is there some kind of horrible underground dad rock scene going on here?

Today: ±0 This Year: - 153