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Credit Check: Weak People Suck

By only

Wednesday April 16, 2008

- 3 As you may have heard, Translink cops are laying the taser on people for not paying their shitty $2.50. Large white men feeling ultra horny with power! Totalitarianism, folks! We’ve arrived.

+1 A gay and lesbian senior’s home actually sounds pretty endearing, but won’t all the transit cops just gather and burn it down with their tasers? Verdict: Concerned.

- 1 Richmond apartment blocks and serenity? That has to be a typo or some kind of mistake, and a man died too.

±0 Mmm, Prospect Point is being redesigned to resemble a pork chop.

- 1 Speaking of pork, Canada is paying pig farmers to kill off 150,000 pigs, not for food (pet food and food banks, think that over), but to drive the price of pork back up, because it’s down. Too bad there’s no God, because if there was She would pull the dick right out whoever thought that one up’s head and just beat them for eternity with it.

Today: - 4 This Year: - 153