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Credit Check: Sordid

By only

Tuesday April 15, 2008

- 1 Nothing ensures that someone will get the medical care they need better than a kiss from a taser, and afterwards they’re perfectly positioned to be gently placed on a stretcher; motionless, smouldering.

- 1 Aww, now it’s the Beaver Scouts getting keyed at the Science World sleep over. Neither science or curiously friendly men in khaki shorts could save them.

+1 The government is throwing a nifty pile of cash at Covenant House, it’s almost like they’re preparing for something really, really, really, really bad…

±0 Richmond is bragging that it’s going to throw the biggest party ever, but Richmond’s way too far for anyone to possibly want to go to, and those Richmond guys always have herpes. What’s on TV that night? Let’s stay in and do facials.

±0 All that organ harvesting and what-not won’t get in the way of Gordo sitting down with an ice cold beer and enjoying the rhythmic gymnastics events. He loves that shit, he gets all excited.

Today: - 1 This Year: - 149