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Credit Check: What's in Your Head, Zombie

By only

Friday April 11, 2008

- 1 Some little fag had a g-g-g-gun down at the New Westminster Secondary. Once again folks, this is the result of rap music, video games, and lack of prayer. Honestly.

±0 $10 million buys a lot of wet naps, but that’s about it. No top hats.

- 1 Ehh, it’s the old ‘politician feeling awkward about the Vaisakhi parade’ trick that happens every year. But those pictures of those men, are they pop stars? Are they Elton John? Is it Bhangra?

- 1 Two grocery stores that you probably can’t afford to buy food at are probably going on strike. But there’s still always Capers and Choices!

±0 Heheh…hehahehh… HEHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAAAAAAHAHAHAHAAHAHAAAA! Clearly ma’am, you are a fool. She shoulda boned him.

Today: - 3 This Year: - 145