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Credit Check: Some People, Pathetic

By only

Thursday April 10, 2008

- 2 Some poor Vancouver 12-year old girl beat the ass off that Merritt bastard with an umbrella! She almost got him.

+1 A group of Vancouverites got caught in a game of hoof-and-pants on the streets of San Francisco for the Olympics. They found the hoof, but the pants were long gone.

- 1 The owner of the ever shitty Piccadilly Pub and Hotel is in shit for the owning the ever shitty Piccadilly Pub and Hotel. He owns it.

±0 Everybody in town has a giant, shaven, pulsating thumbs-up for the Where’s Waldo roof. Wheeeeeeee, yay.

Today: - 2 This Year: - 142