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Credit Check: Flash Friday

By only

Wednesday April 9, 2008

- 2 No one told the judge that the crazy fucker in Merritt was a crazy fucker when he was in trouble last week for uttering threats to a little girl. Everyone is still baffled over how this could happen.

- 1 If anyone’s looking for a Winners or a professional Central American assassin, Surrey’s got one. Surrey has everything.

- 1 First they drag the poor old guy back in, then they fire his ass for nearly crashing the damned ferry. Just let the man crash the damned ferry already.

- 1 This one is ripe; A homeless man used e-mail! HAHAHA!

- 1 A whole pile of bullshit could save the province up to $10 million in health care costs. Why not just move to Washington State already, Gordo. Just go.

±0 C’mon, It’s not that slow a news day, is it? A missing dog?! Craigslist?!

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