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Credit Check: Move Along

By only

Monday April 7, 2008

- 2 One thing’s for sure, something real fucked up went down up there, and it ain’t a decent Rod Stewart tune.

- 1 It’s Cops vs. hippies vs. UBC 2008! Someday all these kids will own big homes on the West Side, and with the stench of ice wine and veal on their breath, they’ll tell this story to their children for the nine millionth time. It’s the cycle of abuse.

- 1 You’re fat and your dick burns.

- 1 The damned gentrification on Commercial Drive is taking forever, will somebody please speed things up? This investment is starting to suck.

- 1 Yeah, a Disneyland at the Capilano Suspension Bridge. Yeah, that’s it. A Silvercity.

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