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Credit Check: While the Slaves are Working

By only

Friday April 4, 2008

- 1 By punching you in the face over and over and over, Translink saved up 408 million dollars. It’s all spoken for though (construction of the Thirteenth Temple).

- 1 Oh well, at least when it’s all dead they can say they taxed it.

- 1 5 per cent of Prince George babies are born drug addicted, the other 95 per cent are born in the shed.

+1 These are terribly putrid waters to wade in, but thank Christ already.

±0 Finally! A Vancouver movie theatre with a liquor license! But of course you have to be a Freemason or Scientologist to drink at it. In that case, where’d that license come from? Aren’t there none left? And on the DTES? This whole thing smells like fruit.

Today: - 2 This Year: - 127