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Credit Check: Just Like Rachel Ray's Blues

By only

Thursday April 3, 2008

- 2 So it begins. Please folks, let’s be civil; first you eat your neighbors, then you eat your pets, then you eat your family. Prioritize.

+1 A Shaughnessy heritage home will soon house generation after generation of (high-end) single moms and functioning drug addicts. AND THERE’S NO STOPPING IT! HEHEHAHAHAHAHEH!

±0 Vancouver is the ultimate sports city, and is also a great place for AIDS.

- 1 It’s rough out there when the man that blew up your taco shop which subsequently caused your wife to commit suicide says he’s your dogg. Is he your dogg?

Today: - 2 This Year: - 124

*An earlier version of Credit Check made a joke about 24 Hours which we have removed. We know that the paper and the reporter did in fact travel to China.