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Credit Check: Po-Ta-To

By only

Wednesday April 2, 2008

- 1 Vancouver newspapers turn to reiterating the obvious and old and apparent. They’re addicted, they’ve just gotta.

±0 If you’re white and you or your dad are mad today, it’s because you and him are both racist bastards. Aren’t you tired of potato?

- 1 East Van Tim got shot in his cock through his door. Now he has a hole in his door and a sore cock, you figure it out.

±0 Today’s big question: Are you that strapped for news? Also, did that really take two people to write? The answer to both is yes.

+1 Not only is he the saddest man in the whole world with the funniest mug and wig around and a steez that even developmentally challenged children won’t buy anymore, but now he’s a convicted drunk driver. Oops!

Today: - 1 This Year: - 122